Wireless Door Sensor In Singapore

Technology has made the world advanced and everything smooth and easy-going. The problem areas have been eliminated with the big helping hand of technology and development. The latest inventions and devices have played a vital role in reducing the labor force and work load. There are innumerable equipment which have made it easy to deal with the day-to-day problems.The Wireless Door Sensor is one of them which has become necessary and advantageous in the present scenario. It is an elevator device and is used extensively in multiple applications.

The wireless door sensor is used everywhere today and majorly in Singapore. It has given a boost to the quality of work and has brought a significant change. The sensor in the doors helps to clear the passage through the doorway and serves majorly with opening and closing of the door when needed. The sole purpose served by wireless door sensor is to reduce the human efforts. Now, a person doesn’t need to stand beside the door to open and close it again and again for the visitors. The sensor in the door helps to detect the people coming towards the door and let the door automatically open and close accordingly. The door remains open till the passage does not gets cleared and opens beforehand right after detecting someone coming towards the door from some distance. It also makes a beeping sound whenever it opens, no matter how many times.

There are many types of wireless door sensor which have different uses. They are-

  • Normal door sensor- It is fixed in the car doors.

  • Electric eyes- It has an additional door safety device and has two red light sensors and is a great alternative in the place of the door sensors.

  • Safety Ray- It can easily cover the full dimension of the door.

  • Mixed door sensor- These type of sensors are mechanical door bumpers and have a built-in sensor in them.

  • Ultrasonic door sensor- This is one of the modern door sensors and is made to look over a 3D area.

  • Multi-beam door sensor- It has several light beams.

  • 3D Multi-beam door sensor- It is just like the multi-beam door sensor but is more advanced as it has a 3D feature in it.

The wireless door sensor gives a rich and classy look to the premises. Door sensors are also known as the contact sensor, door detector, and entry sensor, etc.

It can be used in multiple ways and also provides with an elegant look. The wireless sensor is also utilized in the windows and serves with great purpose. Nowadays, it is widely used in the shopping malls, departmental stores, offices, movie theaters, etc, and helps to keep the place safe and secure.


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