Electric Dumbwaiter in Singapore From Saarelevo

Moving heavy materials and large objects from one floor to another in your home or business and climbing the staircase is a challenge always. Make lifting and moving easily to avoid accidents by installing Electric Dumbwaiter in Singapore at your resident or at a commercial place. Manufacturing of this products has made transporting and transferring of items easy, safe and fast.


A Dumbwaiter is an ideal solution for transferring items and material in a multi-storey building with ease. A dumbwaiter can connect your basement to the upper floors of your home, make it easier to transport a laundry, groceries, hot meals, items and many things. With Dumbwaiter, you no longer have to navigate every step of the staircase carrying the bulky heavy items with the possibility to fall off or drop something and cause damaged.

Installing Dumbwaiter does make your day to day lifting and transporting, business operation more smooth. Industrial Electric Dumb Waiter are used in restaurant, medical stores, hospitals and business places. They help make employees move items safely and quickly, reducing the risk of accidents and making your business operation functions more efficiently and smoothly. Today its uses are spreading worldwide, you simply to load the items and it reaches to your desired floor.

Saarelevo is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Dumbwaiter in Singapore. The electric dumbwaiter is mostly used in hospital, departmental stores and restaurants to carry stores to various levels in the building. The capacity of this dumbwaiter starts from 20kgs.


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